Good moves from Fox!

American Dad

I was privledged enough to see a pilot of Fox’s new show, American Dad this weekend, and my god my time was well spent. I see a lot of potential for this series, perhaps more than I initially saw with Family Guy or Black Books.

Its Family Guy on crack, the main characters are now all pisstakes just like the rest of the episode. The sheer fun to be had with Stan‘s propatriotic stance on everything that leads to general mayhem will surely be a winning formula, at least for one enjoyable season. The rest of the characters were an intresting mix, in my opinion I will have to wait a bit to see some development before I can pass judgement on them really, quite hard to connect with, especially with Stan stealing the limelight. However, Steve strikes me as a copy of Niel Goldman out of Family Guy, and he works, even if he’s annoying. Hopefully it will reach the dizzy hieghts that Family Guy did of 3 seasons… however, that number is about to change.

Family Guy!

Family Guy has been uncancelled! I heard this a while back but thought they moved it to Cartoon Network, which I wouldn’t have liked because its far more of a Simpsons like adult comedy. The Family Guy Box Set is one of my favorite DVD sets I own and I’m looking forward to more lunacy from Peter, comedy bumbling from Chris, social anexity from Meg, general disaproval from Lois, casual comentry from Brian and world domination plotting from Stewie.

I really seem to like using the link button in this post.

Its going to be intresting to see which is the outright winner, if one is to be had, between the two series. History tells us that the more mature series will outlast the younger, see The Simpsons vs. Futurama. Lets hope that this battle is long and drawn out. Drawn out, well, thats for sure.

1st May 2005 people, mark that date!


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