Where was so smokey last night?


So last night me and the housemates went to Bella Italia, where I had a fairly medicore Ham Calzone, some fantastic salad and some potato wedges which were not without thier charms…


2 Bottles of nice Peroni helped a lot with whatever we were eating! Ergo, the garlic chibatta can be considered saved. Otherwise it would have been some soggy garlic mess. Try harder Bella Italia! Damn right I could do better, and all I need do is go to Morrisons.

Anyway, after gorging ourselves, the 1 Colman Massive moved on to a pub in the snow. Now, the snow proved somewhat tiresome since I had shoes on which were similar to car tyres…


I was handling like a fecking beemer and I didn’t like it!

To boot, water started leaking in and penitrated the two layers of socks I had cleverly put on to make the skidpan shoes grip better!

We ended up in the Ten Bells, after a stop off at the Belgian Monk, which was packed and nothing like a pub and felt far too yuppy for students on a Saturday night. I also had a look in The Plough to see where 2 members of the gaggle had gone. One of these pubs is responsible for making my jacket, jeans and LS T-shirt smell like Hell’s Chimney! And I want them to fess up.

Who do I owe for the taxi?


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