10 days in America

Sent as an email to friends:

Hello all, im typing on a very wacky keyboard so please excuse mistakes.

10 days out here… man they have been insane. We arrived jetlagged and tired to the hostel in manhatten to find it a sauna that you could sleep in. Manhatten itself was a busy place but we got to see the sights, top of the Empire State builing helped. Its strange getting ID’d so many times out here, I’ve not put my passport down. People are very friendly and whenever me and Jase have been lost we have always found help.

We then went camping in Long Island for 5 days, so nice. Got bitten by a tick though, better keep an eye out for Lymes Disease… crud.
Picked up a good tan none the less, had some time on the great beaches down there and got to go to Fire Island, an even nicer place.

Were now up in Boston and finally starting to head out in the evenings (not that the budget really allows it). We’ve been all over since its a great place with loads of students (MIT, Harvard, UMASS and Boston College). The bar that inspired Cheers was good, as was the place with
112 beers on tap!!! However, 9.1% beer is not something to be touched, turps is cheeper.

Coming up soon are Niagra Falls and Buffalo, then Chicago! I’ll write again but I have had to do this one quick, I’ve only got one minute left!

Best Wishes,



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