13 Days in America

Sent as an email to friends


This was going to be a long email, but then Alex sent me a wonderful link which opened up in the same window and wiped it. So now its going to be written in 10 minutes.

I think Ive got nearly everyone now, if I haven’t please let me know, or forward this email to them. If i missed you sorry, below is the first email I sent.

We did our first really long train journey on Thursday, 14 hours!
Wasn’t that bad really, slept most of it. We arrived on the US side of Niagra Falls to find our hostel was on the Canadian side. After several phone calls we added a country to our trip. And thank god we did! Its well good here. Like vegas almost. Lots of gambling, lots of drinking to be done. The Maid in the Mist boat ride was great, got loads of photos. The journey behind the falls was boring really. We had all you could eat in one of the casinos, resulting in stomach ache all round. However, a 6 course meal and 2 stolen cookies and fruit was not to be sniffed at. We had a good time watching fireworks in the evening. We even got upgraded to a private room in the hostel last night for free.

Up next, Chicago and then maybe Memphis + New Orleans!



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