16 days in America

Sent as an email to frients

Hello all,

To those of you just joining us on this 3rd email, welcome. Sorry I missed you on the first two, I keep finding folks who I missed when I was ticking loads of names. The first two emails are below

Not a lot has happened since the last, frantic email (Ive got more time to write this one).

We stayed the final night in Niagra in a diffrent hostel, practically an stately home by UK standards, really old timey place. We headed out that evening, after a cheap day, to the Hard Rock Club (yes, that is the club version of the Hard Rock Cafe). Was very nice! We found the Niagra Falls “village bike”, who spent the night marauding for flesh.
The bar staffwere also miles nicer than they usually are in England.
Several beers and a bit of a dance later, me and Jason headed back to the hostel, and had to wake the owner to be let in.

Woke up the next day with apsolutely no hangover and chomped down the free breakfast before heading to Rainbow Bridge. Jason was finally convinced into walking over it for a last look at the falls before we left. The taxi driver spent the whole time talking about his “conquests” in Canada, before he got deported… Well, Im a lot more psyched up about going there now!

We got to Buffalo and to our dismay, Amtrak announce that the train to Chicago is sold out for 2 FRICKIN DAYS. Instead of going back to Niagra (where we really need taxis to get to and from the station) we decide to stay in Buffalo and hope some cancellations come up. They havent.

After watching In the Line of Fire on vid, we went to see the Island, rated **** out of 5. Logans Run anyone? That took up the first evening. The second day we popped out to find the libary where I’m writing this and see some of the sights. Buffalo is a very quiet place, never a lot of people in sight. There are some shops etc… but really its a sleepy place. We went to The Anchor Bar, where Buffalo chicken wings were invented. Quite nice, not to my taste really. Jason loved em. For tea, we found an Irish pub which gave us a 2 course meal for $9! Man that was a find! After realising that there were no really good bars we decided to save money and head back to the hostel to watch Mallrats.

Today we’ve just toured some decommisioned battleships, smaller inside than you might think. That took up a good few hours. Now I’m here, writing this, promising myself Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Washington, Philli and New York will be miles better than this. Were nearly at the half way point and we’ve done 5 places so far, 1 albeit unexpected.

Hope your all well! Write back with stories on how summer is going.



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