30 days in America

Sent as an email to friends

Aug 12

Hello all,

I’ll write this email in stages. The first bit I’ll do in New Orleans, then I’ll finish it off when I’ve got more stuff to write about

After the last email we scrubbed up and headed out to town, this time we explored Decatour Street, finding that it was much quieter than Burbon Street. After exploring as far as the 800 block, we gave up and headed to Utopia on Burbon Street. Oh my god! Suffice it to say that was one insane night that hurt the wallet!

The next day we took it easy, headed to Walmart for a cheap lunch (as it transpired, it wasnt cheap) and pottered around town. We finally found some local bars and drank some good beer. We then headed back to Burbon Street and listened to some really good bands and comedians on stage!

Today we took a Cemetry + Voodoo tour. Really intresting, and very WET THANKS TO THE 3RD RAINFALL WE’VE SEEN THIS HOLIDAY.

More soon


Aug 13

Im writing this in a hurry in an internet cafe in an expensive mall.
Last night we headed out on the second ghost tour. Was not quite as good as the first in my opinion but Jason likes ghost stories. After feeling rather faint from dehydration on the tour (seriously), we decided it was best to not go on the lash this evening. This pained me quite a bit because the lasses I saw going into town were fricking fine!

Today we have had to do another load of laundry, then had great fun trying to find somewhere in D.C. to sleep. Hint: Hostelling International DC are $5 on Hostels.com. Payphones have also eaten a lot of my quarters and I hate calling cards but I love them!

Well, better go before this costs me $2 I dont want to spend.


Aug 16

Just spent 29 hours on the train from NO –> DC. Not a lot to say. We had the joyous company of kid with blocked nose, who spent the whole night snooring. Morning comes, think that its over? No! He is odviously paid to breath through his nose and spends the whole time sucking in a pint of snot with each breath. I resisted the urge to put a complimentary pillow over his face.

I’m now at the HI hostel in DC, paying $2 for 20 minutes for the internet. Jason is cursing his phone card. I think I’ll add on one more day before I send this.


Aug 16 – two

Still waiting to check into the hostel, all their computers have gone down. This never would have happened if I worked here.


Aug 17th

Finally time to send this I think.

We finally got checked in and got talking to some of the BUNAC Camp America folks. They have all finished camp now and are piling out of NY on some adventures. We then went for a bit of a wonder round town.
Town it seems, is full of monuments and seats of Government.

We played spot the sniper at the White House, which had a big sheet over the front of it for some (probably paranoid) reason. We then headed to the Washington Monument, a rather spectacular obilisk if I do say so myself. Great place to sit and people watch. We then headed down, via the WWII memorial and Reflecting Pool to the Lincoln Memorial. That was impresive, much bigger in real life. We then went to the first “scandal stop” the tidal basin.

After heading back to the hostel to grab some Ibuprofen for me (hip is still hurting and I had a headache) we went in search of food.
Initially we were looking for Subway to get a deal, we ended up in the Hard Rock (as usual on a first night). Saw Bill Clinton’s Sax.

Woke up today and go breakfast from the hostel, a muffin and a bottle of orange…. one step away from false advertising. Spent a while roaming town again, taking the long way to Union Station because we thought we would need tickets for a lot of stuff. Then went past the Capitol building. This is not that big in real life, but nice all the same.

A note to all travellers: The Library of Congress has not yet discovered the Internet.

Under a week left! Wow.



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