The Postman will determind my Preparedness

The postman currently holds quite a few things that I will need on my upcoming trip. Such as my fancy headset. Now I want that thing for the invevitable VoIP usage that I am practically forcing upon people. To Royal Mail I say: “HURRY THE FUCK UP AND GET MY STUFF HERE”

I’ve still not properly read the guidebook on Vancouver, I should. I paid a ton for this Lonley Planet guide and intend to get the best out of it. Jason, and I borrow your one too? I’ll only have it for a bit…

I’ve just texted my SIPGate number to a load of people but the phone lost reception half way through so I will have to resend a load of them manually, good fun.

6 days left!

Time for this new theme to go live

Presenting the new theme for the blog. H One Point 5.

This has been in development for about 2 days. Before that, H Two was in development for about 4 before it drove me insane and I threw it aside infavour of rejiggin this older one. Frankly, I’m quite happy with the results.

I you will also see the Gallery section has its own tab up there. Please click it as that effect was a particular bitch to implement.

The theme isn’t finished yet, and will never be finalised. If you find something you really want to tell me about email me.

Issues/Bugs found so far:

  • You’ve stolen a lot of code from Kubric without customising it properly
  • Comments are wacked out again
  • Customise the archives properly
  • Sidebar may be missing on some pages