Ladies what Lunch Car Spotting

Here’s some of the cars I can see out of my window. I’m hiding out in the flat to avoid the giggling girls gang that I am sure is taking place in the main house at the moment. This is Gill’s new mums meeting that carried on for 5 years even though most of the kids are now in school and the mums have turned into bitter shells of thier former selves.

First Range Rover Sport and a Ford Cobra?
Oh no! A drug dealer is here*

Anther Range Rover Sport

* Thanks Clarkson, me stealing your joke is no pie on my face


One thought on “Ladies what Lunch Car Spotting

  1. “I think the world can look after itself and we should enjoy it as best we can.”

    god clarksons a twit. loveable, abut a twit.

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