Part of the Panic Petrol Buying Problem

I’ve topped off my car today, I needed it anyway, and I also “needed” that jerry can worth as well.

£40 in Morrisons Fuel Station at 93.9 pence per litre.

Was a bit chaotic, the staff were quite good at keeping things flowing. Honestly, the queues at most decent fuel stations around here are about 10 minutes long. 3 or 4 cars will usually be infront of you from what I’ve seen. BP were running a single queue system that was spilling miles out onto the street. I didn’t think that was very responsible behavior, there was plenty of room on the forecourt for them and causing queues and disruption on the road helps no one. Esso at the Horseforth Ring Road roundabout was closed last night when we drove past in the taxi. Thats story will be coming soon.


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