Seen the first person from Uni (who isnt Jason) for 2 Months!

Today I met up with Panda (Amanda, my former housemate for those who dont know). First person I’ve seen from Uni for 2 months! Was really good to see her and catch up on the various gossip (mostly involving ourselves if I think about it).

Pool was played at the Sports Cafe place in Leeds, that has a great deal of pool tables that are only acceptably stained with lager, then some lunch in Weatherspoons (gotta love it). Panda has finally joined me in being ribbed by Jess for wearing (or have ever worn, or will ever wear) Hi-Vis clothing. She has to wear it for work, I have to wear it when im outside on St. John Ambulance duties, Jess loves anyone wearing it, but will never admit it :P.

Anyway, that asside, the rest of the day went a bit crap:

  • Gills PC isnt working with a suspected broken power supply. I do any of you lot know if Dell still use thier own fancy power supplies or can I use a standard ATX one?
  • Some wanker in an Audi cut me right up, thank god I left enough room to brake
  • Parking in the light was Ł7!!!!
  • Another wanker cut me up on the way back
  • I’ve got a cold, and I was at the gym yesterday, ripping up most of the muscels I also use when I cough
  • Billy slobbered on my favorite t-shirt and jeans
  • I did my voice in at Bondi on Monday, it hurts to talk for long periods

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