Jobs and Such

Suppose its time for another post on here about Canada.

I’ve been looking for jobs in the Vancouver area, or any Skiing area where I could learn to ski for free while I worked. I’ve registered at a few places etc… but (as with all job hunting) finding the right jobs is hard. I’ve made a few calls etc… I don’t want to go into too much detail about them (who etc…) since I’d rather not prejudice anything.

The date is drawing ever closer now, 6th October 2005. The day after I’ll be having an orientation session with SWAP (BUNAC’s partner company in Canada who wil be my main source of advice). After that its the weekend. I expect this will mostly involve a bit of sight seeing and casual job hunting. Most of the office stuff etc won’t be open those days, still, there are shops.

If anyone has any particular leads they think I should follow then please let me know. I’m still looking forward to getting out there and doing this on my own once again. Kind of a mixture of adventure and student life…


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