Personal Trainers are Satans Henchmen

I just had a session with Gary at the Accademy, courtesy of Gill. Initially I was very pleased to have the opertunty to get some good advice on my workout etc… that was until it started.

The 10 minute run wasnt that bad, not even when he stuck the speed up, then we came to wieghts…

It seems that prior to now I have concentrated far to much on my muscels that pull, and was neglecting my triceps etc… so all the workout involved pushing something either up, to the side or down or whatever. My god, my arms have never felt so tense! On Advice from Kate: If anyone is willing to give me a massage that would be great!

Oh don’t get me wrong, the whole session did the trick and I was told I was rowing very well, but my arms tended to give out during chest presses etc… But by the end of the session that was improving.

I expect tommorow I will wake up in tears.

I think you will find that this is 100 posts on the blog! Here is Eliza Dushku


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