Gill’s 40th!

It was Gill’s 40th last night! What a fantastic do!

Out I went in the dinner jacket etc… thank god I rented it from Burtons (only �34!!).

Firstly at the meal I nailed it with some gravey thanks to a bloody carrot which refused to stay on the fork no matter how hard I tried! Then on the way back in the car the jacket absorbed about 3 tons of chocolate fondu!

That chocolate fondu was from the chocolate fountain! I love this invention! Frankly, it was worth every penny that we paid for it. Anything is a lot better coated in this stuff. Suprisingly few people got covered in it at the do itself.

I spent a lot of the evening chatting to Shawn and Eva, both very friendly, Shawn being quite the car nut. His big tip of the night was leasing cars… it costs a lot less than buying them! It also seems nearly everyone there knew I was off to Canada, so there was a lot of talk about that. Several people have been to Vancouver on holiday, however I did meet a couple who had lived on the East Coast for several years. Saddly, I don’t speak any french so I won’t be living there.

Then I had a great idea… hows about seeing how many people I could get to do a snakebite?! Or at least sip it. Now remember, this is a 40th Birthday and I was likely the youngest there by 10 years… still, time to deploy the worlds best student drink.

I suceeded in getting the following people to have a sip:

  • Gill
  • Tim (my Uncle!)
  • Henrietta (Gill’s Best Friend!)
  • Lucci (one of my Dad’s Partners at work)
  • MY GRAN!!!!!
  • Christine (Gill’s Mum)

Pictures will be coming soon!


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