The Hungover Weekend

I spent this weekend hungover.

Saturday was a lasy start, cooked up breakfast for my Aunt (ever so dry witted as always). Kids were kicking around too, managed to keep them at the table and fed, with spoons not fingers. Then it was time for fancy pants expensive lunch at The Clocktower at Rudding Park!

Quite a few of Dad & Gill’s friends were looking a bit fragile. Dennis in particular had to take it easy, shame how his kid Tori was throwing one like no other towards the end. I chomped down the worlds most fancy pants burger, not that great to be honest, I but still healtier than the pigs testicals from Burger King. In total, the whole group of us spent Ł238 on this lunch, which to be honest, was pretty good going for what we got and the atmosphere we had it in. Strange isn’t it, if your willing to look you can find the same prices nearly anywhere. This place was comparable to the Hard Rock’s in the UK.

Anyway, Saturday was mostly written of to being tired, until it came to the evening when I decided to head to David’s to see him before he went back to Newcastle for his final year. Now hint, don’t ever stay sober when you go to Fusion in Guiseley. Its the most boring, cramped, sweaty place and it is only made good by the fit birds and copious drinking. Without the last, you should really look elsewhere to get sweaty and hot in the company of others, such as saunas or mines. At least with the last you might find some diamonds!

I eventually left after Ed showed up (at 0030, cos he was working like a bleeding rat). Apparently I missed Claire getting thrown out in a headlock for punching a bouncer. Shit, miss all the fun I do. Still, I managed to drive home safe and free of morons driving at 20 on the open country lanes. Although at that time, I can honestly say I was happy just getting there at whatever speed my foot took me, well below the limit.

This morning I was dragged out of bed by both brothers, both cousins (on this side of the family) and Billy all jumping on me till I moved. This was not the best start as I wanted only to make a nest and hibernate for the day, 2 late ones in a row had, for once, caught up with me. Dad was no help, managing to make me cooking people breakfast a stressful and tense affair! A walk and a lot of MP3s helped that.

The day improved a bit once we melted some chocolate fountain leftovers and started dipping once again. Apple works very well, mini blueberry muffins supprisingly don’t. The A1 GP was also watched… I think I’ll gas about that some other time.


People have started exchanging emails within the group of us who will be on the BUNAC Group Flight on 6th October! It’s releaving to see that there are people who are doing what I’m doing, and it seems as well that we are all roughly in the same boat, we’re not sure yet where we are all going. Still, 17 people are a formidible fighting (possibly crime fighting) force living on the streets of Vancouver! To any new readers who decided to look at my fancy pants webpage they saw on my email address, take a look in the Canada 2005-6 section and feel free to get in touch

Congratulations Fernando Alonzo for becoming F1 World Champion! Finally the red is washed out of the laundry load that is Formula 1!

Also, you’ve really picked your weekend to do it, with the A1 GP launching and all!

Finally one of my other friends has launched a blog. Ed has kicked stuff off with this post, and I have to hand it to him, he’s better at writing this stuff than I am!

Oh here we go, drama time online…


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