Don’t forget to bring a towel

I bought a load of new clothes (mostly warm) in town today. 2 new pairs of jeans (even I think my favorite ones are getting worn as hell), some new t-shirts (apparently my really old ones are not as fresh as they once were) and a new jacket (finally)!

I also ordered one of these nice travel towels. No more lugging around the huge one I had in the states and I now think I’ve lost somewhere (good ridance you smelly bastard!).

And one of these nice Plantronics Audio 30 Earbud headsets for VoIP stuff.

And I’ll soon be getting my money in travellers cheques from Travelex.

But even with all these nice things one thing is hurting… you guess what….

Thats what!

That did actually happen as I wrote the “one thing is hurting” bit


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