Rather Strange Dreams I’ve Been Having

Last few nights I’ve had some rather fucked up dreams. Most of them occur in the morning after I wake up slightly then go back to sleep.

Oh shi… Gman!

Sunday Morning
I’m in the houses of Parliment (which for some reason are a cinema in the same colours) when Charles Clark goes into Anaphlyatic Shock. I apparently am the only one who knows what he’s doing when it comes to this, so as the place clears out I maintain his airway etc… I even give him an Guadel Airway. At this point 2 blokes run in with first aid bags the size of bloody 32inch TVs but still I’m the only one who knows what I’m doing. The PM is haging about etc… I then wake up.

This Morning
Firstly I’m trying to hold back the entire Anicent Greecian Army with a pair of spears. I was protecting some bird I didn’t know for reasons I can only assume were sexual. I think that has something to do with me watching Troy as I went to sleep. That goes on for what seems like 5 minutes or so.

Oh shi… Terminator!

Then I find myself charging round a path spiralling to the top of a mountain, being chased by the beloved Half-Life character, G-Man!

Anyway, he’s doing all sorts of tricks like throwing stuff at me from on high, then instantly appearing behind me with something to cause harm. Once i reach the top he reveals himself to actually be a Termintor!

Anyway, he fancies turning me into a Terminator. Good times. I wake up at this point.

I think my years of TV driven entertainment are starting to show unhealthy side effects. A while back I had a dream that the film Aliens really happened and I was on the crew that was making the film version of these actual events.

Perhaps the gas fire in my room is leaking a bit, perhaps I shouldn’t sleep on my side, perhaps I should have my room Feng Shui’ed…


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