Hey dudes! I’m writing a blog entry on a plane!

Seems like installing w.bloggar was a good thing!

I woke up bright and early this morning, what a horrible experience. Tom came in to wake me up, reminding me that if I was not awake 3 hours before my flight there was no doubt that I would miss it spectacularly! He also gave me a personal handwritten Bon Voyagé card! Frosties and a Bacon Sarnie later, we dropped them off at school (where some moron thinks that a Ferrari F360 is a school run car).

We then headed to LBA, arrived 9:30ish. After picking up travel money at Travelex (who are great), I tried self-check in for the first time. This is great fun, since you basically get your boarding card printed, find out its not linked to your BMI diamondclub card and spend just as long faffing about at the bag drop getting it linked. Still, I suppose it was a bit quicker and I did get the emergency exit seats in the end.

The departure lounge was a mixture of pikeys, filling the bar (at 10 in the morning), no doubt off to Malaga or somewhere to have a full English every morning, spend most of the day sleeping and then spend the evening drinking till 6 am (just long enough to get the full english once again!) Gate 7 at LBA, they were sticking 3 flights through one gate. Jokes were immediately made in small talk among the passengers about them stopping off at Edinburgh on the way to London.

Flight down was rather empty to be honest. None of the Emergency Exit rows were full. Infact we all had the centre seats empty, great for dumping junk. I bought 2 slices of buttered Soreen (fruited malt loaf) for a quid. A ripoff, but then again you can’t take a breadknife, cutting board, butter and loaf of Soreen on to a plane can you?

Heathrow greated us with a bloody bus to take us to the terminal… sorry, did we land in Palma? To boot, the bus driver had to ask us where the plane had arrived from.

Anyway, I got across to T3 as soon as I had my bag (12 noon) and met the BUNAC rep. Friendly lass, thought I recognised her but couldn’t remember… Checked in, got 4000 BMI Miles on my card (by the way, if anyone wants me to reffer them to BMI diamondclub please let me know so I can get some more airmiles), and went upstairs having been reassured that I would almost instantly spot any BUNACers because they would all have bag tags on. No such luck. I spent 2 hours looking round that fucking terminal for them and didn’t see that logo once. That did give me enough time to bulk text a lot of people who are (hopefully) reading this.

By the time I got to the departure gate (30 minutes late, thx Air Canada), I had flat out given up, and settled in to the plane with a copy of Top Gear and the flick The Longest Yard on the In Flight Entertainment. 2 mugs of red wine later I was nicely sedate, then I read in the BUNAC Vital Info book that to avoid DVT you should avoid alcohol. Goodbye everyone, I’m doomed now!

It seems though, that sitting 1 row behind me and 2 seats to my left are 2 BUNACers. And I met Rich, who was identified by his BUNAC T-Shirt in the queue for the lav. They are coming out of the woodwork, which they were no doubt hiding in now! Thank god I’ve made a bit of contact at last. I’ll have to meet the rest of the nervous bunch on the bus to the hostel. Should I just crash as my body clock tells me to or see some of Vancouver before I go? I won’t be getting that answer from anyone else in time.

And now, a bit of a whine

Battery fade rears its ugly head once again! My Acer is fading baddly. I opened it up on the plane with a battery at 76%. I think that about an hour ago. Its now at 29%. Thats not good. I’ve closed all the progs I had open when I brought it out of standby, wrote this, played Transport Tycoon Deluxe for a bit, now I’m watching American Dad. It’s going to last the episode, but this aint going to last the 5 hours max, or the 3 hours average as expected. Anyone know a cheap place to pick up a genuine Acer Battery, cheap, new, for a Travelmate 804LCib? (Travelmate 800 series, duh).

Before the laptop gets packed up…   

Holy crp. I can’t fault Air Canada for inflight films! On this 10 hour flight they have played:

  • The Longest Yard
  • House of Flying Daggers
  • The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Yes… that is the recent HHG2TG… oh wait…z


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