Finding Wi-Fi

I’ve stopped into Starbucks for a but, hoping to find some Wi-Fi access for the laptop so I can place a Skype call home.

No such luck. Honestly, America was apparently rolling in Wi-Fi coverage but not here.

Anyway, I should tell you about last night.

We landed and I finally got to meet the BUNAC group as a whole. A nice bunch! They said they hadn’t been sat in one massive group that I couldn’t find in Heathrow. All of them are friendly nice folk.

We hopped on the Moosetravel bus to the hostel, where the driver tried to:

  • Get people to move in with him
  • Get us all to use Moosetravel exclusively to get around

He was also good enough to give us a short tour on the way to the hostel. When we arrived, checked in etc… we were all knackered and hungry. I was roommates (last night) with Ben (Auzzy), Steve (BUNACer who arrived earlier in the week, skier) and Luke (BUNACer on my flight). Some of the arriving BUNAC group went out in one large mob, eventually ending up in Subway, where one nice bloke served 10 of us in under 10 minutes (making every sandwich himself)! The most extrovertly friendly person I have met so far would be Scott, who seems to be possitioning himself as the the centre point of the group. It’s good that we have a person like that.

Anyway, I slept like a log from 21:30 PST to 06:00 PST (yeah, get used to me doing that), when I was woken up thinking it was 16:00 GMT. After trying to make as little noise as possible getting up (which is hard when you have a solid steel locker and metal lock), I went downstairs for breakfast in the hostel. It was excellent, fruit, oatmeal (easy porridge to you and me), bagels, toast… Didn’t get nearly enough of it cos I was a bit struck by it all. Had a good chat with Ben over breaky, nice fella.

I’m now out roaming the streets of Vancouver looking for:

  • PAYG Phone Deals
  • Wi-Fi
  • iPod + iSkin (I’ll get that a bit later on I think)
  • The sights

I’ve got to head to the SWAP orientation in 1 hour to learn about SIN numbers, bank accounts, PAYG phones (I hope) and job hunting.

I’ve already decided that I want to do the Grouse Grind, the hike up Grouse Mountain, near Vancouver. I also want Sushi very soon.

So far I’ve spent $27.

Now a question for you all, whats Boingo like? Is USD$22 worth it for 2 months Wi-Fi access? And how do I sign up to it with a UK credit card?


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