Great News! From Stanley Park!

I’ve got the Direct Sales job!

I rang John not long after I wrote the down in the dumps/should I go to Whistler speech. He said that they want to start me on the Direct Sales job and may pop me back and forth between that and the flyering/postering job. I’m to report there on Tuesday.

48 hours… I have a job. Most people are looking for weeks!

I’m celebrating this by going for a walk in Stanley Park! I’ve spent a good 2 hours roaming about, looking for some decent food and seeing the sights. This is a great place. Especially if you like trees that are taller than most houses and a bayside walk. To the north lie mountains, to the west lies the Straight of Georgia. It occurs to me that this is the first time I have ever seen the Pacfic Ocean.

However, when your doing this on an empty stomach its harder to appreciate the sights. I’ve finally made it to the Prospect Point Café. I’m having Fish and Chips, while over looking the Lions Gate Bridge. The view is the anti of the food. I’ve had quite nice, but none the less fried, frech fries, not chips and 2 chunks of equally fried fish. This is not proper Yorkshire Fish and Chips and my advice to Ed, Amanda, Ben, Mike, James, Sweeney and David (if your down there) is to get out there and have some right now, its the only place in the world where you will find decent Fish and Chips! I know this cos I’ve looked.


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