The First Wobbles?

3rd day I’ve been here now, and I think I’m doing well. I’ve had one job interview, I’ve just got an application for another at an Outdoor Clothing Place. I’ve only spent $95 so far (2 nights accom at $25 a night, $20 SIM for my phone, $12 umbrella, some food…).

I’m still torn between Vancouver and Whistler. Everyone says that people rave about both. What I’m feeling so far is the following:

  • Whistler is geared toward skiing, big time. If I went would I fit in? + Could I learn + How much does ski stuff cost?
  • Whistler has a great deal of casual labour, but even more people wanting to get up there
  • Whistler is only 2 hrs away from Vancouver if I want to come back for a weekend or something
  • Jobs with accomodation are easier to find in Whistler
  • Vancouver has more jobs and less people looking to do them
  • I’ve bought my mobile number in Vancouver
  • There’s quite a few admin jobs in Whistler
  • I should give Whistler employeers a call and see if its worth my time going up there….

However, today I really am having a few shakes about this whole jig. I was thinking about finances the other day, I’ll be living a tight lifestyle (I think). At least one week of work a month is needed to keep a roof over my head, at least 1 day a week is needed for food (probably more knowing me), 25 days of work will be needed to repay the debt I got into to get out here. So lets see, that’s 60 days of work spent, the remaining hundred will probably go on tax, general living, going out, calling home etc…

You know, I wish I was into this whole ski thing and I didn’t just have to dive in head first if I go to Whistler. On the otherhand, I could go to Whistler and not ski, sort of. If I find a job that can keep me busy then I could take that route…

Making matters worse, its Thanksgiving this weekend. Most places are shutting down for the weekend, the SWAP office is shut…


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