Today I took a walk down to Kitsilano. Aka Kits. This was one of the recomended places to live, apparently with quite a few students (who choose to live off campus from UBC) and it has the Kits and Jericho beaches. I figured that was a good place to take a look at and I was at a loss of what to do today. Perhaps tommorow I will read Lonely Planet and take thier ideas instead.

Anyway, I set off and walked over the Burrard Bridge, looking over at what the locals call “Glasstown“. This apparently is a parody on the area of the city known as Gastown, and earns its name thanks to the abundance of glass buildings. Past the welcome sign, a rather striking wrapper and some sort of bubble bath flood, I headed for the Beach at Vanier Park to see what was what. It was nice. Not really a day to be out there unless you had a dog. Made me miss Tosca and Billy. Infact, after about 2km, most of it past washed up logs (or at least they were supposed to look that way), I came across the dog commune.

First off I see a golden retriever digging a hole in some wild attempt to get away from its owner in a vertical fashion. He was then joined by 2 black labs and one other black dog (who’s breed I can’t remember the name of) all rather friendly. I walk past and get up the beach a bit, when these 3 charge up behind me chasing a pup. They all encircle him and start sniffing thier prey’s arse. The pup starts pissing itself. Litterally. I couldn’t believe my eyes. First off, its not like dogs have never sniffed each other’s arses before enmass. Secondly, HE WAS PISSING HIMSELF! Hah.

I spent quite a lot of time looking out over towards Stanely Park (it seemed so small) and English Bay, with its usual collection of cargo ships. I detoured into the suburbs itself where I found this and a lot of conkers. I eventually made it all the way to Jericho Beach. Stopped by the Sailing Club for a drink, didn’t fancy the food so walked on.

This became more of a slog. I was still on and near the beach, but it was getting less intresting. There were also some foreboding cliffs that needed to be climbed before I got anywhere near where I had decided to go, UBC. Man, it was a long trek, I had been going for 3 hours now. I did come across an intresting spot, the spot where George Vancouver did something that started the British Predominance… god I should read the history a bit.

Anyway, more walking still and I was at UBC. It was like UEA, but a lot larger, and still made out of concrete! I had some pizza and picked up some job tips in the Student Union, quite good interview techniques. Then, after a bit more walking around I decided it was time to get the bus back.

Once I was on the bus, a young mother with 3 kids got on. The bus driver was stressing and announcing he couldn’t take a note under any circumstances, coins only. She asked about to see if anyone had change, no one on the bus did. She told her kids (who had already spread down the bus) to get off, which they obediently did, the driver still stressing because this had now taken 2 minutes of his precious time. Someone had change for her outside the bus, so the fares were now duely paid. Her kids however, had gotten off at the middle door… and the bus pulled off. Wow, the people got stressy next, more understandably. Everyone shouted to stop, creating one giant babble. But it worked, and we were all thanked.

And so I finally got back to the hostel to call Dad, MSN with Panda and then go out to see if I could find a fairly innoffensive poloshirt for my new job. I’m failing miserably at that and I’ve got a whole mall at my disposal! I’ll have to go back tommorow. Woo… tired again.

More photos from the walk here


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