Snorers are not hostelling material

I was just woken up at 4 am by a bloody snorer in my room. Thanks. I’m now showered, dressed, bag reorganised etc… at a totally unreasonable hour. 7 am!

This has been the same story since I got here (with the exception of the first night where I was so tired that I couldn’t be woken in the event of fire). WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME!!!!!!!!!

Onto some plans now I suppose:

  • I’m staying in this snore nest until I’m sure I like the job and like Vancouver. I could still go to Whistler, I just wish I had fought a bit harder to go on a fucking ski holiday earlier in life
  • I’m not taking my ear off the ground when it comes to job hunting. It wouldn’t be wise at this point.
  • I’m having breakfast in 40 minutes

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