Falling on my feet, as me and Jason always do when we travel

Well, today I’ve been at a loss for what to do… again. It seems a lot of the travellers here are getting like that, the Aussy bloke in my room, Dominick, hasn’t had a lot to to. I had my usual, and quite ample breakfast once again then headed out on a hunt for something to wear for this job. As an asside, I’ve still not heard from my new boss, Jon about it. Im supposed to be getting an email, but it has not been recieved. Yup, I checked that my resume had the right email address etc… My phone isn’t active either (yes, I will have to sort that). I eventually gave up because it was becoming clear that clothing in Canada comes in 2 sorts: discount bargain super cheap that isn’t that cheap anyway and expensive, designer, worldwide, expensive.

I decided to go for a bit of a look round Gastown, which is popular with locals and tourists alike. On the way there, I think I got a bit lost, because I walked past 3 drug deals and plenty of biff! Once I finally found Gastown it was lovely. The steam powered clock (photos coming soon) was pretty neat. Nice sound. I also found a British Sweet shop for when I miss home. Marmite is 69c, but I still don’t like it, and Bisto can be bought for $6.50, good for SAVORY MINCE!

Clothing wise, I couldn’t find the middleground I wanted so I headed back to the hostel. Recently I’ve been suffering from a condition I like to call toxic-socks syndrome, where even I can’t stand my socks after they have been entombed between my feet and my leather boots… did mention these are thermal socks? Washing was called for!

I have a fancy pants top that I wore for the job interview which must be ok for the actual job itself, but its also got washing instructions like no other. I decided just to throw it in with the whites and put it on at 40C gentle. Once complete, the whites were NOT white, and this top was covered in washing powder residue… shit. I stuck it under the cold tap for a bit to rinse it off, then spent the next 30 minutes trying to juice enough water out of it so that it could be carried up to my room for proper drying on the radiator. Those “treat gently” instructions had long gone out the window. I’ve even been back to it twice to squeeze some more out, both times with sucess.

Anyway, that killed a few hours, Grim Fandango killed some more…

I was then going to go for another wonder when I got invited out to dinner with some of the BUNAC crew! This is where I fell on my feet, I felt like I quite wanted some people in the same possition to talk to and (very fourtunatly) some of them felt the same! I’ll be off at 7:30 to Gastown (once again) for a meal! Woo!

Better learn that stuff for the job though, fast!


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