Strongbow, followed by Whistler

Last night was my last night here in Vancouver (for a while at least)… so I decided I should NOT go to the Royal like I usually do. Instead, I went to Dooley’s Irish Bar. IDed at the door (EXCUSE ME?) and parked at the bar, ManU v Fulham on the big screen TVs and hockey news on the smaller ones. I decided to get some grub in. Ooo a French Dip seemed nice + a pint of “I miss home” Strongbow. However, the $16.60 bar tab that was caused by these two was less impressive. I will pay less to get to Whistler today. Anyway, I helped some Americans out with what a Loonie and a Twoonie was, and who the Vancouver Canucks were. I then watched some more hockey but was tired again. So I headed back, watched some CSI and went to sleep in my room. I say my room cos I was the only one in it!!! Hooray! No snorers, some privacy at last!

So today I’m grayhounding to Whistler. I’m somewhat nervous as I’m told Greyhounds are shit, but you know… $15 for a 180km ride.


2 thoughts on “Strongbow, followed by Whistler

  1. Hey mate, i’ve heard the Canadian greyhounds are far better then the US ones. Hope you don’t get as many crazy people as I got on my last one!

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