Welcome to Whistler! Please save your blog posts regularly

I had written out a huge post for this, I then accidentally turn off my WiFi, which causes the Chris Moyles Realplayer Stream to disconnect, which causes firefox to crash. Thanks to all parties involved.

Anyway, now that bitch is over, its time for nicer things!

Dill Pickle Doritos!

I set off for Whistler on Saturday, and had some Dill Pickle (Gerkin) Doritos in the bus station… yes, GERKIN DORITOS!

I got talking to 3 people, an Auzzy couple out for the season, and Amy, someone who is travelling till April 2008! Good luck to them all. Anyway, they were all heading to the Shoestring Lodge, but ofcourse I wasn’t going there! Why I had booked the HI hostel without reading the book, it was HI, it had to be good!

The views from the bus on the way up there were spectacular! On the left side there were seas, rivers and islands, on the right mountains, cliffs, waterfalls… couldn’t have been better. The skys were clear appart from some low wispy clouds, making for great photos. Just wish I hadn’t had that pesky glass in the way.

Once we got to Whistler I met up with a girl called Lindsey, from Cardiff, who was travelling on a 60 day Grayhound Pass and then going to New Zeland. We got a taxi to the HI together, which as it turns out is 4km away, $16 taxi ride and theres a lake stopping you going direct. I realised that I had to get out of there quick or I would go insane. When we got there my dissatisfaction continued. The desk was closed in the afternoons. Me and Lindsey decided to head back to town on foot (since the bus wasn’t running in the afternoon either).

The walk there was spent talking about job interviews and job hunting, and getting to know each other some more. Once we got to town, we decided to get some travellers lunch: sandwiches from 7/11. Then, to my suprise, Lindsey decided to go knickers shopping with me (who had she had known 2 hours at this point). No, this was not heading into La Senza or Ann Summers people, there was a sale on a one of the local shops. Still, not what I was expecting.

We then headed to some of the Ski shops to see what it was going to cost to get some gear for the season. Wow. 2006 season stuff is basically this much:

  • Skis or boards: At least $600 (no bindings)
  • Jackets: $300 (for Columbia ones, some are even more dear than that, Arc Teryx for example)
  • Ski Trousers: $250
  • Googles: $120
  • Boots: $200
  • Bindings: $150
  • Gloves: $80

Needless to say, new season stuff, I will NOT be getting. There are still some sales on so I’ll have to see what I can get. I’ll also pick up a USED board or skis. Theres also the money issue…

Anyway, Lindsey eventually bought a jacket from 2005 for $170. Pretty good deal actually, since its a Columbia fully waterproof and breathable one. We then plodded off for some more looking about and seeing what was what. One question did come up that I haven’t got the answer to:

Some people don’t like GAP because of a reason other than the clothing. What is that reason?

Anyone who can help me out on that, that would be great.

Anyway, we wound up in a bar, playing pool. The couple who were on using the table before us were rather into each other, so much so that they left a whole plate of Chicken Wings for us. For a few games of pool (all of which I lost) we sat there wondering if they were going to come back from thier Karma Sutra inspired romp in the toilets. Once the waitress tried to take them we said we would have em. $8 plate of wings for free :). The beer was good and we wound up staying there till 10, when we headed back to the hostel (in another taxi, goodbye money). We both exchanged email addresses since I was planning to move in the morning and might not see her.

I then went to my cattle market of a room, slept. Woke up and took one look at the shower, NO FUCKING WAY. No privacy, not even seperated from the bathroom, come off it on this one. Left the HI for the Shoestring Lodge, which was much better, if $5 a night more expensive.

There were 2 Auzzies in my room which were beyond insane. Both of em mad, but right laughs. TBS was always on TV… I bedded down then headed back into town for another wonder. Didn’t really have a lot to do but did run into Verity, Vickey, Lucy and Lisa! I last saw these 4 in Vancouver when I went out for dinner with them with Deanna and Kevin. They were all in the Shoestring too! Later I saw Verity and remembered to exchange phone numbers with her as I should have done earlier.

Anyway, not a lot happened on that day, took a few snaps of the view. Another early night, no beers this time. Some prick walked through the hostel shouting fire alarm at 3 am. Thanks wanker, I love waking up in the night.

Next day I headed to the Fairmont Recruitment Fair for a look about. I went to the job centre to print some resumés beforehand. 15c a print… they must be laughing all the way to the bank! I turned up in the stuff I wouln’t dream of going to a job interview in, realising as I walked up the stairs. I decided just to browse and see what was on offer… hospitality work as you might have guessed. Still, was worth looking.

Another laundry load, this one costing $5! Fuck. I hate these big numbers.

I called HOUSE on the off chance that I could get in there. I was IN LUCK! They had some cancellations and could check me in right away. I grabbed it with both hands. After the 30 minutes of paper work I headed up to my room. First things first, took a load of photos. Then the person who had helped me at the desk knocked on the door… apparently the room needed maintainance. My new room had a huge crack down the door, so I rejected that one. My 3rd new room had 2 occupants already. I introduced myself then headed back to the hostel. On the way I decided that it was worth $3 extra a night to have some personal space. Fuck, the HOUSE girls were going to hate me in the morning when I moved to my 4th room.

Anyway, uneventful night in the hostel, just had some food at the Longhorn cos I couldn’t be bothered going cheap.

Next morning, I was told in no uncertain terms that this was my last move, no problems there lass! I now have an appartment with 3 bedrooms, kitchenet (without cooker), bathroom, no lounge. Much better believe me, the cooker is in the lounge at the end of the hall and I can use it as I like. Plus it has an oven. I’m now living with an Auzzy called Lou (a girl, I’m not sure on the spelling) and an NZ fella called Brian. Nice pair, both boarders. I’m sure they will feature a lot in these stories.

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent setting up a bank account, getting my mailbox sorted and buying some food I could cook here. I then came back and found the free WiFi in the dorm rooms, a call home and talking to some people did me a world of good let me tell you.

Keep in touch all!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to Whistler! Please save your blog posts regularly

  1. Dude you should have come a week earlier, it was the Whistler Turkey sale, 50-70% off all ski/board stuff. There’s a “Ski Discount Centre” in Whistler Village that still has a bunch of stuff on sale, my housemate got a coat for $150 and board, boots and bindings for $400.

  2. Ive just heard about that. Im gutted, but how was I to know. Anyway, Can Ski are still doing thier sale, and the clearance centre is open.

    Biggest problem as I can see: boots. Boards and bindings arnt hard to comeby, but boots at good prices are.

  3. GAP use child slave labour, and sweat shops and as such isnt politically correct. but.. Say you bourght your GAP gear in Oxfam and everyones happy!

  4. Thought so. GAP and Nike are up here and usually mentioned in the same sentence when it comes to corporate dislike.

    I don’t like any of their stuff anyway.

  5. Invest in the boots, that’s what you’ll regret if you try and save. For the board and bindings just go with what seems like a good deal, the Whistler Clearance Store (near the visitors centre) has a bunch of good deals, board & bindings for about $250 inc tax and they’re really helpful. Avoid the ex-demo stuff of course.

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