A birthday present back to you all: Horse Race Drinking Game

I learned this game last night while at the Blueberry Hill “Partyhouse” (no, its not a club, its just a great house with 13 people living in it).

Basically its a horse race drinking game.

How to play:

Get the aces out of the deck and put them in a row along the bottom, then take 4 random cards and put them along the side, these are your fences (you could use any object for this and any number of fences if you want).

Shuffle the deck.

Place bets on which suit you think will win the race. When you bet say something like “2 on clubs”. The ammount bet is fingers of drink. You then drink your bet, (i.e. 2 fingers of drink for the last bet).

Once everyone has betted and drunk its time for the race. Play a card from the deck and move the ace of that suit forward. I.e. a 6 of diamonds would move the ace of diamonds forward one fence.

Continue playing cards and advancing aces until one ace reaches the 4th fence.

Everyone who bet on that suit can now nominate someone else (anyone, including other betters on that suit) to drink. They can nominate twice the number of fingers they bet, distrubuted as they like. So someone betting 2 on diamonds could nominate four people to drink 1 finger, one person to drink one, two fingers to one person and one finger to two people etc…


3 thoughts on “A birthday present back to you all: Horse Race Drinking Game

  1. Well, Seems complicated to me, Whilst sitting here sober I can just about work it out. But normally by the time I come to drinking games I am half cut…

    Links Pub Golf next month!

    (Whats Pub Golf?)

    Jimbo, (let off work early) Forbes

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