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It’s been 4 days… here is another doozy of an update…

Well, after the last update I was chatting with my new housemates and we decided to get a group together and head down to Citta in the Village. Most of that evening was subsequently taken up on my part with meeting a lot of new people and drinking pitchers with Alan, Steve and Matt (yes fellas, I do remember your names now). I headed off when everyone decided to go to the club, I’m running on very low money these days, only $400 left on travellers cheques. Money from the old job should be going into my new account soon, but I’m not counting on it yet.

Anyway, next morning was spent sorting out the resume (again) getting some new prints with my new address. Can’t remember what I did in the afternoon. Probably looking at ski stuff and watching Family Guy.

That evening was spent out with most of the floor of the building I’m in at all you can eat pizza. Ooo I ate tons. After that we went to a completely random house. This place is known as Party House to the taxi drivers, you don’t even need to specify Blueberry Hill. Its mad. 13 people live there. We had all turned up with some cheap pils that tasted like a badgers backend. Thankfully, I had varied what I had and enjoyed my second can of Faux lager somewhat more than the first. Poor Ross, with 4 cans of the wasp piss to drink.

Anyway, it was at that party that I met MORE new people and watched one of them, who had just moved in play the drinking game I described in my last post, that he claimed to have invented no less… HE LOST BADLY. A 18oz glass of Whiskey should not even attempt to be drunk. Vommit ensued. Laughter followed. Was a great night!

Next day was quiet so I went shopping and chilled out a bit. Again, I’m trying to save money and unfortunatly drinking is where I have to do it. Still, it would be good for a pissup at some point. Even though it was a quiet day and night we still all ended up in the lounge having a damn good natter and good time anyway. Spoons was played, damn good fun, not a drinking game. I’ll put hte rules up sometime. Some people headed off to town, but me and the housemates were on the same page on this one.

I think its Friday in this story now… I’ll just skip to the evening since I can’t really remember the days anyway. Only thing of note was that I went to the employment office in person to see about an IT job rumour. Nothing came of that. Evening started with me getting a bottle of vodka and some sprite, combining and consuming half of it in the lounge with the gang. We then headed to party house again! This time I challenged Brian to pool (can’t remember what happened, AJ was so pissed he fell on the table so I think it was a draw), found out how hard I could throw a dart and participated in the horse race drinking game. Woo! I brought in my birthday on the piss two years in a row!

Yesterday. Birthday. 22. Spent most of the morning on the phone to the family, friends etc…, headed out for some lunch and looking at snowboarding gear. Came back, more friends getting in touch! Lou got me a comically large lolly for my birthday! Thanks! Didn’t do a great deal really, kind of wanted to keep this birthday quiet. Anyway, evening was spent talking to Liz about the interview tommorow and recalling some stories that I could tell in it (which is what they wanted). No drinking (ARG!! What was I thinking!).

So the interview was today. Interviews at Whistler Blackcomb are a two step thing, first is a company fit interview, where you rattle on about teamwork etc… and they make sure that your not nuts and know the grooming policy. You let them know what job you want at that interview and they put you forward for it. I passed that no probs and I’m going for an IT possition.

Now theres a problem here, there is only one IT possition, both me and AJ are going for it. AJ has also been told that they are not interviewing anyone until next Sunday for it, when most of the other jobs will have been filled. Thats puts me in a tough place, as its a highly competative possition that I think they want to fill with a Canadian. It may require driving so I may have to get my BC drivers licence (I cannot get one automatically with a UK one, but I can drive for 6 months on a UK one, dunno if this will be good enough). I need to have a chat with the recruiting office about this one.

Anyway, spag boll for tea because I’m sick of living of junk. Laters


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