WHAT! How much drying do you need?

Today I’m washing nearly everything I own. Left in my draws I have some random, non-thermal socks, 2 jumpers and a tshirt. Everything else is currently eating my money.

So far I’ve broken a $100 travellers cheque buying $1.80 worth of washing powder. I then had to put $10 on my Visa to get my fancy laundry SmartCard topped up. So, washing in (2 loads, colours and whites), 30 minutes later I stick all this stuff into one drier. Thats not going to do the trick, its bearly moving. So I pay for another one. 30 minutes later again I go back to check… WTF its still wet. 15 minutes more will do it, oh wait, fancy SmartCards don’t do that. I’ve now spent $7.80 on this, thats at least 1 pint round here, perhaps 2.


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