Some news from the front first:

  • Followed up on my second interview for my job. The IT guys still hasn’t gotten back to me and the helpline (who told me to call them back if I hadn’t heard anything) told me to keep waiting until this evening
  • Lou has a job with the Fairmont, and as a result is moving out to the more luxurious accomodation
  • I still can’t decide between skiing and snowboarding

Anyway, tea was had, I ran into Ria and a few people in the lounge and ended up having a chat. Saw II was discussed, thats going to be a great and gruesome flick.

Anyway, while all this was going on we hear some rucuss from up above. I head up to see whats what, and almost immediatly get invited into a game of Ring of Fire. This was a bit mad. I ended up consuming 1.52 litres of Corona. I know this to be the case since I was slugging back 2 of the massive bottles you can get for $4 here. Ring of Fire is another game I should put the rules up for some time.

We all then head down to Merlins where I get to know some of my new found drinking buddies a bit better. Fuck… can’t remember who’s who. Anyway, we were slugging down the $10 pitchers like no else. This is probably what caused this wonderful hangover.

All in all a good night. I wonder where the group I usually hang out with got to…

Here are some photos of the phone:


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