When I got to work yesterday Liam mentioned the work night out that seem to be getting much more frequent. We were heading to Joey Chan’s for 10c Wing Night!

The tension grew all day to say the least, plans were made, bus shedules consulted and escape routes found. Come 6pm we were buzzing, Frank (our boss) told us it was like watching a load of kids going out to play. Our play involed a lot of wings and alchol.

We all had 20 minutes to get changed etc, I ended up rabbiting on on MSN and missed the bus most people took. So I decided to run (in my low grip trainers) down the icey hill, and then through town. Unbelievably I made it onto the right bus, even had 5 minutes to spare!

We then went to Steve’s Place for a bit, my god! He’s got a huge DVD collection, including Chef and Men Behaving Baddly! He also has a nice Dell Fp2401 Widescreen TFT, sodding fantastic! Anyway, 2 beers were sunk then we headed to Joey Chan’s.

When we got there we were told that our reservation of 17 was less important than walkins of 4. We ended up spending an hour in Dusty’s while a table was prepared for us. However, this did land us 50 free wings in addition to the 240 max we could have, and we did.

Thats right, 290 wings were nearly finished between 12 of us! Along with a lot of pitchers. Oh man I was full, had 36! I mixed some fortune cookies in there for good luck, and then went for our final pitchers at Dusty’s, 3 of them (since 4 of us were doing rounds). Come 1 am we are all stuffed, pickled and stumbling home for work in 8 hours. I had a doggy bag of wings that was office lunch tommorow. Good times.

Made it in on time today, with the wings and with a hangover. God we have a good group! But I did decide that Pizza Pops were a better choice for lunch.

Stacked it

I was up on Whistler today enjoying a nice Bacon and Egg Sarnie when I decided to give a few more blue runs a go. Coyote seemed like a great idea, dispite it being icey. So I was going down it nicely, fell once on a small ditch higher up. Was going again when suddenly the ground went out from out benath me. There was an unmarked drop of about 5 feet onto a solid ice catskinner. I went off it, skis detched on landing and I went face first into the catskinner. That hurt, me and my goggles, which are now cracked. Thats $40 down the crapper.

Anyway, after coming back and watching some Top Gear I went and got my first haircut for 2 months. I certainly feel lighter and perhaps now my fibre will work again. I’ve also found out I can get an $80 pair of Goggles for $50 on staff discount!

Whistler, Day 2, Level 4 Ski Training

I started Level 4 Ski Training today. I think I’ve just about come across one of the best ski instructors here. Glen, an ex school teacher was really really good at teaching and had me, Olivia (newly-wed) and Cathy (Texan) skiing strongly in no time. I can now tap my inside foot when turning if I want to.

We did ~10 runs today, for the first time I did NOT fall on any of them. Thats right, the whole day doing greens and blues without eating snow. I’m also now starting to pole plant. I’ve got some good blue runs scouted out for tommorow.

The cold is really starting to get to me up there now. The icey winds hurt any exposed skin, and even though I used full fleece gloves as lining for my waterproof Marmot gloves today, my fingers got so cold that they still don’t feel right now. Mittens may be needed for the sake of my didgets!