Kokanee and Corona do not mix 2: Halloween

Last night was Halloween. Halloween is not just for kids over here, every living soul dresses up and goes on some crazy drink fueled party. Who was I to say no?


First off… Merlins. Thanks to my complacancy I didn’t have a $10 ticket for it. So me, Geome (the mattador) and Kevin (sports guy) headed to Merlins to queue. After 40 minutes in the cold, they come out and annouce they have 15 tickets, for the 40 people waiting there. People were pissed off by that, newspapers were thrown by some wankers.

Geome, Kevin and Fraiser

Me, Gee and Kev headed back to HOUSE. We polished off some of the beers and had a chat with whoever we could find, and had a damn good time really. I met Fraiser (a guy who I got talking to while I was at my second interview) and went to his place for a bit. After the boose was consumed, me Gee and Kev set off down the hill and got to Buffalo Bills, where I got talking to some lass who went to uni in Guildford… thats all I can remember.

$3.75 Coronas are good, unless mixed with Kokanee which I had earlier in the night. I’m now sat here with a stinking hangover. Still, the night didn’t cost nearly as much as I thought.

Take a look at the pics


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