The First Heavy Snowfall

Down it comes to our level at last!

Down it comes to our level at last!

Its snowing flakes out there, 2cm big!

This is the first heavy snowfall that the village has really had. The roofs etc are now all getting covered. It’s having a hard time settling though. My Quicksilver jacket is getting soaked and I’ve realised that I don’t have any good spots to dry it in my room. I might see if the Reuse It Centre at Function Junction has sturdy drying racks and it is wieght feels like its doubled with water.

I’ve just been on a snapping frenzy, here they are.

Blackcomb Gondola near Base II

Blackcomb Gondola near Base II

Near the HR Hut

Near the HR Hut

Ahhh... staff housing!

Ahhh... staff housing!

Tonight at 6pm I’m heading to the Whistler Clearance Centre to see if there are any decent Marmot Jackets that I like. So far the ones I’ve seen have been pretty good in terms of build and waterproofing, but rather bland in terms of design. I’ve seen a Scott one in there which apparently is not quite as waterproof but a miles better design. Either way, there’s more stuff in there this evening and I’ll be buying seeing as its wet as shit these days.

8 thoughts on “The First Heavy Snowfall

  1. Heh, I don’t think many people could not have seen me carrying those bastards. Honestly, the place was a scrum. I had to stalk some lass for 20 minutes to get that jacket as she had intially nabbed it. IT WAS THE MENS SECTION FFS, STAY OUT. Either way I have all the kit now bar thermal base layer for the legs.

  2. Damn right. But I’ve never skied or boarded so unless I can find some lessons I will just be having a look around. Frankly, a lot of people are doubtful there will be any lessons, nor instructors who are willing to give up the first morning.

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