Snowing mentally again

Its snowing crasy once again!


I walked down into the Village with the camera this morning (since I’ve utterly got nothing to do today) while it was sleeting. The Marmot Jacket I bought is really coming into its own now with the great waterproofing. Anyway, when I got there I noticed that, for the first time, the trail (pisté, slope) status board is up and running. All the slopes of course are closed. Still, all that will change tommorow when that mountain finally opens up and lets us go rampaging up there, even those who don’t have a fucking clue how to ski/snowboard but are insistant on seeing the sights anyway.


A bit more roaming later showed that the Blackcomb gondella was ferrying ski instructors and workers up and down the mountain… ah envy. I want up there! I also want my employee discount, which means I have to at least be entered into the Intrawest computers, which I’m not. So untill then its no thermal base layer bottoms or other (relatively) cheap stuff.


Anyway, after a normal trawl round the supermarket looking for what to eat today + tommorow (I’m still not properly stocked up), and getting fucked over by some oven baked fish ($4 on the label, $7 on the till, no thanks), I got outside and saw that the snow was going insane. It was back to 1cm wide flakes etc…

I’m bored today.


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