Woke up freakishly early…

Last night was spent in the lounge with Australia. Most of the auzzies and kiwis turned up. I showed off some of the new kit. Lucas thinks I may need another layer for the gloves (I think the two in there will do for the start of the season personally) and almost everyone says that the goggles are too dark for overcast skys, so they are going back today.

AJ turned up with free leftovers from Starbucks. Oh man! Thanks be to AJ! Fruit mix flapjack or whatever it was has never tasted so good! When mixed with 2 cans of Kokanee its even better.

I also spent about 2 hours in my ski boots, much less pain involved this time. They are streching in nicely and Lucas was kind enough to give me some advice (lean forward into them while standing).

For some reason though, dispite going to bed late, I’ve woken up at 5 am and can’t get back to sleep. Dunno whats going on.

EDIT at 10am: I traded the goggles for some Smith ones.


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