1st (1/2) Day at Work and Photo’s from Blackcomb

Today started early and was my first day at work. I woke up at 7:30 before my alarm and had a chat with Kate, who has landed sponsorship for her LPC and a Training Contract! Congrats Kate!

I headed to finance, met my new co-workers. Alan (from my first night here) and Helen (down the hall) are both among them. We spent the day basically going through the handbook etc… and doing a team building exercise, human knot. Out in the car park, we stood in circles of 6 people, closd our eyes and grabbed random hands. We then had to untie that knot. Really good fun.

Anyway, we were done by lunch time so we bailed and I headed up the mountain, with the camera:

Got about 3 runs in and didn’t damage the camera. One kid didn’t jump off Catskinner in time, so the emergency stop was pressed. 5 minutes up there wondering if I could make the 10 mtr jump onto ice backwards…


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