2 days in briefer than normal

Saturday was spent in orientation where it was a very animated and dynamic lecture with a lot of games. Learned quite a bit but I had already read the book like a good employee.

Afternoon was spent whooping around the icey slopes. Fell twice (a damn sight less than normal) and had a great time. Evening spent with 1 half of a six pack

Yesterday was spent repeating the Level III training to get really good at it. We were going up Crystal Chair for the first time too! Was really really nice weather up there! Got some great skiing done and was certainly holding my own with my slightly more advanced classmate, Marcus. Who was also from Leeds, and also in IT as it turned out. He also let me know you can get Ł400 insurance on a Lotus Elize at 21 with a International Class II Racing Licence.

Now I’m off for my first day of work.


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