Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday was spent at work as per normal. I was learning more about auditing cashouts, including doing my own (in balence so it was nice and easy). We also started on accounts recievable stuff. I’m will be communicating directly with customers, all of them in the regional (BC and WA) area, and asking for money! I also learned some stuff about the phones and got in touch with the Sales Rep I’ll be working with.

Wednesday night we went to the Ullr party at Base II. This was free to Club Shred members. Wasn’t that good though. There were 2 bonfires, a Led Zeplin Tribute Band, some free food and Fire Spinners, but didn’t really have a lot to do other than stand around and get cold. So I went and got my shopping since the Gondella was open, thusly no hill! On the way back up I met some crazy ladies, got one of thier numbers and we decided to meet up later. Unfortunatly, having dropped off the shopping and coming back niether of us was keeping a close eye on our phones. Oh well. Jayman was DJing by this point and doing a miles better job than the band. Much to our disappointment, we did not burn the Ullr efigy and the fireworks were obscured by cloud.

Here are the photos (which arn’t that good)

Thursday was more AR stuff in the morning, followed by a Scavenger hunt in the afternoon. I was in a team with Alex, Liam, Alan and John. After we realised we were NOT going to win by a long way we decided to stop in the Longhorn for a pint and a few games of pool. We finally completed the quiz and turned up 1hr after everyone else. Bonus points were awarded for the team that guessed closest to our arrival time! Hah.

The next 6 hours were taken up with 3 pitchers of beer, each. Some of the girls were also on Mikes Hard Lemonade, 7%. Even Frank and Donn, our supervisors were at it. Suffice it to say everyone was pissed.

Bit hungover this morning.


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