Skiing on not thin ice

Heres another 3 day summary. I have to get back to writing these more often.

Auditing, talking to clients and then the Finance Lunch. 10 pizzas were chomped down and everyone in finance was at the meeting. Usual things. The afternoon was the finance olimpics where I was issued with a super loud whistle to be the buzzer for our team. We won with 900 points and I now have a $7 Starbucks Gift Card and a box of Kraft Dinner

Skiing! Ski school was full so I just went off solo skiing. Did a lot of runs I didn’t think I would make it down. Was so hot, easily spring time skiing. Had to have both vents and my collar open. Was well knackered in the evening so slobbed out with the rest of the floor in front of the TV.

ICE! We went up (late, since we were expecting the ice to melt), no such luck. Didn’t help I wasn’t keeping my wieght on my downhill ski. I gave up at 12 when everyone wanted to go back home. I then went out and bought some of the Gel Deoderant that I hate but its the only thing thats half decent out here. I’m also running out of money.


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