Work night out last night. Impromptu organisation at the last minute. Mostly at Merlins to weap over the end of $10 jugs and it was Club Shred night. I had 4 pints for $4 then a pitcher of Kokanee! With the $5 burger that seemed like a good idea I spent $20 for a great night. To put that $1 pint deal in perspective: We went to Tapleys afterwards where I spent $4.50 on one pint.

We’ve also organised to go up the mountain this weekend

EDIT: It seems when I got back I turned into the perverted cursing Englishman in the communal lounge, so say housemates…


One thought on “Hangover

  1. Yes… forgive me for not being too sympathetic but the fact that I pay $5 canadian dollars for a pint, no scratch that, for EVERY pint, means I cant get too upset you had to manage 4.50 this once!

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