Whistler, Day 2, Level 4 Ski Training

I started Level 4 Ski Training today. I think I’ve just about come across one of the best ski instructors here. Glen, an ex school teacher was really really good at teaching and had me, Olivia (newly-wed) and Cathy (Texan) skiing strongly in no time. I can now tap my inside foot when turning if I want to.

We did ~10 runs today, for the first time I did NOT fall on any of them. Thats right, the whole day doing greens and blues without eating snow. I’m also now starting to pole plant. I’ve got some good blue runs scouted out for tommorow.

The cold is really starting to get to me up there now. The icey winds hurt any exposed skin, and even though I used full fleece gloves as lining for my waterproof Marmot gloves today, my fingers got so cold that they still don’t feel right now. Mittens may be needed for the sake of my didgets!


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