Stacked it

I was up on Whistler today enjoying a nice Bacon and Egg Sarnie when I decided to give a few more blue runs a go. Coyote seemed like a great idea, dispite it being icey. So I was going down it nicely, fell once on a small ditch higher up. Was going again when suddenly the ground went out from out benath me. There was an unmarked drop of about 5 feet onto a solid ice catskinner. I went off it, skis detched on landing and I went face first into the catskinner. That hurt, me and my goggles, which are now cracked. Thats $40 down the crapper.

Anyway, after coming back and watching some Top Gear I went and got my first haircut for 2 months. I certainly feel lighter and perhaps now my fibre will work again. I’ve also found out I can get an $80 pair of Goggles for $50 on staff discount!


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