Both Mountains in one day

So today I went up Blackcomb since me and the Finance group who were off on Saturday’s had decided to do a bit of skiing, that was Liam, Alex, Alan (+ his visiting cousin) and Lisa (who as it turned out was just learning). I was up at 8:30 ready to go, saw Ross my liftie housemate on the way. Alan had said they would be up at 9:30, giving me some practice time.

However, this was not to be, I managed to do 2 runs + have breakfast before Alan even told me that they would be late.

Seeing as it was a nice day, I decided to head to Whistler to get a look at a promised spectacular view from the peak. Ross saw me on the way down again, I told him I would probably be back within an hour.

It was completely worth it, the view from the top of Whistler is breathtaking. Some of the peaks are as unusual as they are magnificent and today you could see for miles, most of the main valley was visible. While on my way down I get a call from Alex informing me that they were at the top of Easy Out, on Blackcomb!

I headed down the (closed) Olympic run to the Gondella Midstation and downloaded, then up the other Gondella. I think I managed to do the whole trip in 45 minutes never mind 1 hour. Ross seemed impressed.

It seems were all well matched skiers/boarders, Alex being slightly better than us on the ice. I’ll be in ski school tommorow to try and improve some more. We all headed down Wishbone and agreed it was an icey bastard that we hated, most of the North facing slopes are. We headed up the Glacier lift (the first time for most of us) to ski that. Its actually a REAL glacier it seems, in the late stages of its life. However, thanks to snowboarders heeling it down it was for the most part stripped of powder. I fell twice, and that wasn’t a lot compared to the others.

I then broke off for some late lunch, where my left foot started hurting so much I had to have it out of the boot and in my hand to warm it up. By the time I was back on my feet everyone had decided they had had enough.

Good day, want to ski with those guys again.


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