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I seem to be perpetually partying!

Tuesday night I went out on a flat/floor outing. Brian invited me as soon as I got through the door from work, so I bearly stopped and headed down the Magic Chair route to Merlins. Was a laugh since I haven’t been out with them in quite a long time. We all had Merlins Burgers and a pitcher each. I headed home earlier since I had work tommorow and really didn’t fancy the clubs. I had already gone through $20 on the evening alone, more than the budget allows I tells ya!

At work Wednesday people were a bit flakey on if they were going out to Bill’s for the evening. The way Whistler clubs are these days you seem to have to arrive before 9 unless you like standing in the constantly subzero temps. Anyway, I eventually decided to go with floormates. When I got on the bus however I met up with Helen, Rochelle and Chuckles. During the packed journey down I also got a text from Liam asking if I wanted to go. Anyway, me and Chuckles cane it off the bus to get in the queue, and it was worth it because we only had to queue for 10 minutes (queue length was about 8 people FYI). Ross and Nicky were at the back of the queue (of about 40) and decided to go home.

Anyway, we get in there and meet up with Caroline, Marie-Clare and Lisa. Drank a lot with them, mostly Molsen Canadian and some Tequila Rose shots. Tequila Rose is like a shot of alcholic Petits Filous strawberry. I love it!

I also met up Mark and bumped into several other people who I know but I’ve forgotten who. Was a great night! Bill’s is actually a really good club in my opinion, at least in comparison to Garfs, which I will come to later.

Anyway, so I make it into work feeling ok, bit tired. Another day of sorting out audits and dealing with a particularly difficult client problem. Socially at least, the day rotated around who was going to the Club Shred evening at Merlin’s this week. Seeing as Steve hands out the tickets, we all agreed we wanted to go. So 6pm comes round and we are all out of the blocks like a shot. I however realise that I have very little money and say I’m just having a Merlin’s Burger and as many $1 as I can.

We were snapping photos like the paparazi! You can view mine here. Lisa, Rochelle, Alan and Jenelle also had them. At one point I think we had people turning to see which celebs had walked in. When we did the shot of the girls to the right we took 2 minutes and had tons of flashes. I’m suprised they could still see afterwards. The lads also went in for a group photo. It’s actually one of the few photo shoots where I have more of people than of surroundings, and its quite cool. Hell, the whole Finance group is totally cool. We are pretty sure were one of the stronger circles of friends/workmates, its all good!

My “home by 11” plan was not to be had, Liam, Alex and Alan insisted that I go to Garfs, end of story. At this point I had $3 left. On the way we took MORE photos and had a walking snowball fight while simultanously playing football with a block of ice. Lisa lept on Alan for a piggy back, I evaded all but 2 snowballs, Steve somehow took most of them, so he claims (dunno why, Steve is great, he has $1 beer tickets and a good DVD collection).

That $3 went on the entry fee after 30 minutes of queuing in a line of about 10 people (then a group of 10 of us) to get into a club with about 50 people in it (and plenty of space). There was also a $2.50 manditory coat check, thanks for telling us that before we get in there. The bouncers (who are really quite friendly over here) just told us that we could get our $3 if we wanted it. I decided to stay (peer pressure to stay out late afterall) and borrowed the money of Lisa. Alex bought me a drink (I was completely broke and god damnit I wasn’t busting budget for once)

Garfs however got a lot better during the dancing. We met Haley, Tyler and someone else in there and eventually had a 15ish person finance dance circle going on on the main stage. Yes, you can have fun when you stop drinking and depleating your funds and you don’t have a hangover the day after. I am glad to say I am the first to publish this fact. Anyway, left at 1am (thats still early in Whistler terms) and walked home with Alex (peer presure has been satisfied, I left with another one of the cool kids). We both survived the walk up the ice covered ski run that is the path to HOUSE.

Today at work the pictures from last night have already been making thier way round! Everyone is clear headed and believe me, we are still good at our jobs after 2 work nights out in a row which are drink fuel late ones! I’m having the evening in to build up some energy for skiing tommorow, and to eat some healty food (pizza), and to write this

I’ll fill you in on some plans up ahead:
Saturday: Skiing and watching the Snowscene Nokia FIS Snowboarding World Cup on Blackcomb (half pipe events tommorow)
Sunday: Bussing it to Vancouver to get a 60GB iPod Vid! And I want to get some sushi and go to Stanley Park again. Really looking forward to that you know…
Monday: Ski lesson I suppose.

Sorry I’ve been a bit sparse with the blog updates recently, I’m going to make more of an effort to keep it up. The camera is staying with me all weekend, so expect some decent shots on Monday!

Added photos in May 2013


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