iPod Trip Report

Well time for a review of this puppy. I’m not going to write a generic iPod review because there are thousands out there and I’d rather not make you cut through a lot of chaff like you usually have to do when reading this site.


  • As strong as my iRiver out of the box
  • EQ is there but I’ve never played with that
  • Playlists on the go are fun, but I would like a bit more control over them, deleting songs as well as adding them.
  • Album view might benifit from an option to artist names to the end of the album name
  • I wish the volume controls wern’t quite so sensitive to prevent accidents (for those of you thinking “HOLD SWITCH FLAPFACE”, thats a bit of a chore)
  • It’s nice and thin to hold
  • Headphones are very comfortable and stay in my ears better than my beloved Sennhiessers did
  • Thanks to iTunes, I now actually use playlists!
  • I haven’t worked out if I can use shuffle but only within a playlist, say, a Smart Playlist, so I can listen to random Rock/Alt/Punk while skiing (note: answer was found here)


  • Crisp and clear
  • Slideshow effects impressive
  • Very nice to have 3200 photos with me at all times
  • iTunes didn’t handle the optimisation process well, a modal dialog preventing me from using other iTunes functions isn’t great for 30 minutes
  • Backlight doesn’t stay on for longer when viewing them (2 seconds is great for browsing music, not so good for photos)


  • Really great, its like watching one of those portable TVs
  • You percieve it as suprisingly detailed and its highly watchable
  • Takes about 3 seconds to start up a 20 minute video, 8ish for an hour
  • Can’t keep the audio playing while browsing the menus
  • Remember that that backlight will be draining the battery faster, i suspect even moreso than the video operation is


  • Much niceer now they auto-sync (thanks iTunes)
  • Album art for them comes with them


  • Doesn’t interact with Outlook in a trusted fashion, requiring you (or something) to click yes to let iTunes Sync
  • The alarms don’t repeat untill you turn them off
  • It looks pretty


  • See above


  • It’s now a world clock, with independent alarms for each timezone (that WON’T wake you unless you have your iPod hooked up to a stereo and have it start a playlist


  • Note to Jason: I beat it on my second go! I can do it!

Feel free to pick my brains and offer tips that I and others may like to try.


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