Today on the Hill

Had a fry up again for breaky. So nice yet so wrong. I know that that bacon over here is infact the bastard cousin of what were used to in Britain! (Danish). Those sausages are dodgey looking and hashbrowns are not potatoes cut up funny.

I joined the Agressive Level 4 Group (possibly the last level 4 I will do). Ooo I was in for a treat. During the warmup ski I noticed how icey it was. Seeing as Saturday was quite mild, it had picked up some dirt and the harder ice had a brown tinge, and it was everywhere, just waiting for you to futilely ski over it…

The instructor (Jody) also had some tricks lined up for us. First it was showing us an example of keeping our shoulders paralel with the front of our ski’s in order to keep your wieght facing downhill. Why he chose to do this on the edge of a small cliff (15 ft tall) I do not know. Not one person sucessfully executed the fast turn needed to get down. I nearly stacked it onto my iPod which was in my goggle pocket. Thankfully I didn’t, and thats quite a protected place anyway.

His next trick was to get us jumping. Firstly he had us doing this between turns down an icey slope, and then he organised a nice line of 8 people going down a catskinner bunnyhopping. I’m sure we looked like a coked-up clown rally.

After lunch he took us to a smaller but still intimidating cliff told us to start jumping off the moguls, keeping our tips down. Good tip, quite scary. One person stacked it, not me :). Outside the comfort zone a lot on this one, especially when we went back to the cliff I mentioned earlier. This time I didn’t fall as I made damn sure I was facing the majority of the run. Still was quite hard. Had some good fun on the moguls once I got off it though. I’m going back.

Anyway, after it became clear that we wouldn’t be getting on the halfpipe as he said we might, and my legs were burning like Hertfordshire I decided to call it a day at 2 and ski out. The ski out, through the learning areas was still hard run on ice, and mountain saftey were breathing down my neck so I couldn’t just cane it.

Anyway, got home. Few hours later I made a nice Thai Yellow Curry with Brocolli, Carrots, Mushrooms, Beef, Garlic and some Red Kidney Beans that Ross didn’t want from his chilli. Ahhh, reminds me of 1 Colman Road.


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