Best day at work ever!

Today I woke up early and went and picked up a parcel (at 8am) that my Dad had sent me. I requested the PMR radios that he couldn’t use in the UK (they were on the US frequencies, same ones the Emergency Services use), and a balaclava.

I got the balaclava out and its IRA style. 3 holes. I’ll post a picture later. Yes dad, thats what people are expecting at a ski resort like this, to get shot by terrorists.

Anyway, got to work etc. Frank calls us all into the boardroom at 10 to annouce the people who had been nominated by peers/senior accountants for a Team Revenue Recognition award. Twice!

Henry – Continuous Process Improvement – for taking initiative in creating a more organized tour operator invoice filing system.


Continuous Process Improvement – Henry showed initiative by tackling the reorganization of the AR company folders in the filing cabinet as well as updating the Pipe information.
Teamwork: Henry is always willing to answer the finance hotline phone calls and commits to finding answers to the front line staff.
Fun: Oh Henry has a great sense of humour and ends up making his co-workers smile on a daily basis.

After a short draw of names from a helmet, I found I had won a FREE TRIP to the Canucks vs. Kings hockey game in Vancouver on Monday! $55 of ticket and $20 of travel FOR FREE!!!

I thought it must be all downhill from here, but it was not to be! Later there was the Secret Santa handout. This was celebrated by nearly 200 beers for us all to drink + lots of food, including Cornish Pasties! I got 6 of beers down before we all left work at 7 (after 2 hours of partying in the boardroom). All of it free as a perk of the job. My secret santa gift was a tube of anal lube, cherry flavour… I’m not kidding.

Were all heading down to Merlins in 10 minutes to enjoy Club Shred night (another scheduled work night out), and frankly this has been a damn fantastic day really!


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