Wings and House Party

So on Tuesday it was our regularly scheduled wings night. This is one of at least 2 regular work nights out we have a week. The other is Club Shred night.

Anyway, as usual we cleared Joey Chans out of fortune cookies (BTW, the fortune should always have the words “in bed” added to the end). We were then told that dispite reserving 4 days ago we didn’t have a table prepared for us and wings wouldn’t start till 8. Manager was called out who promptly made an exception.

We got through 8 pitchers of beer (between 12 of us) and ~200 wings. I was personally charged with eating 35 of them (and they were offered for me, I didn’t pig out). Afterwards we ended up in Dusty’s where the iPod proved a good talking point (the USA pics were an especially good talking point with Elaine).

I’ll skip a day of work and head to the next night, when we all went to a party at Raj’s place. This was a house party in a league of its own as far as I am concerned. Good games to play, live band, great house! Wound up drinking a 6 pack and chatting to Janet most of the night. We then went and freezed our bollocks off waiting for the bus for 45 minutes. Again, a very good night but it resulted in a hangover.


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