Payday and then a Hillday

Yesterday was payday! I’m $500 richer (after tax, CPP, Club Shred and rent). I also got 2 50% off vouchers for lift tickets for the mountain. They should be handy when Gill, Dad, Tom and Will come out here on 16th Feb, 2006!

3 more names were also drawn for hockey tickets, so Catherine, Jennelle and Lyn are coming with me, David, Helen and Elaine on Monday (and we clock off work early too!). I worked hard until 6 doing that award winning filing system and helping Lyn do Sales Ticketing stuff.

My payday treat was a $10 curry (Nesters was miles more expensive than IGA as it turned out), and 15 Kokanee! Mmmm, delicious Kokanee!

Anyway, woke up this morning and headed straight for Whistler (as I was supposed to be meeting Alan and Liam up there at 9:15). Took Fitzsimons, Garbonzo then Emerald to get up to the Roundhouse, as I didn’t want to queue for the Gondella, plus I got to see some cool sights. The mountain top fry-up is a Ski morning must for me these days, at least on Saturday’s after a week of hard work. I’m keeping well cut down on junk food (honest! Merlin’s Burgers are as low as I go these days). I also traded in some sunnies that I bought 2 weeks ago that were giving me headaches and double vision. As much as I loved those Ryders Paradise frameless ones (red lenses) I just couldn’t wear em, so now I have the Beacon set instead. It was so nice and calm outside I decided to use those instead of my goggles.


Anyway, Alan and Liam showed up, I taught them how to use a radio (what? Don’t you know?). We did an easy run down Ego Bowl then headed for the peak, and I got my camera ready, because when we got up there the view was stunning! We called the girls who were coming up to the Roundhouse and told em we would be at least 30 minutes getting down from here, creating enough time for us to lark about and take a lot of good photo’s. We then went down The Sadle for the first time, steep, scary, fun.


Liam and Alan went for food while I met up with Janet, Lara and Liesa and skied Ego Bowl, again. Ice everywhere still. We got back to the Roundhouse having pissed about on the Radio’s for ages and had a snack and a chat for a while. When we got back on the hill Alan decided he wanted a photo of him hockey-stopping and spraying me with snow. Worked really well as a photo, but this promptly became a competition to see who could spray the most snow which continued throughout the afternoon. We found outselves doing the pretty steep Enchanted Forest run as well, I got down no probs, as did the girls. Alan fell spectacularly. Video coming soon.

Anyway, at the end of the day I skied out for the first time, all the way from the Roundhouse to the Gondella base, and a lot faster than taking the Gondella itself. I just had to put up with a load of snowmakers turning me into Mr. Frost, including my eyes which were only covered with sunglasses.

Good day! I’ve also tidied my room and done my washing… whats for tea?


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