So… Christmas

Fast forward a few days from the Xmas Party to Christmas Eve.

We all go up Whistler for the day and I get a few pictures.

I’m already down like $70 from the Party. However, I thought my luck was changing when I had to return some of the items from a food delivery Dad organised for me (note: Grapes out here are usually crap and Creme Fraice is not Fresh Cream). I got $28 in cash back! I immediatly went across the hall and spent this on Kokanee as the bottle shop would be closed on Christmas.

On the way back Alan called me and told me that everyone was going to Merlin’s for a $10 turkey dinner. I decided to go straight there with the Kokanee, rather than drop it off. Mistake.

Anyway we get there and everyone from the main going out gang turns up. Pitchers start to be bought. We place over $150 worth of food order! Everyone is having a great time! Raj is playing again up on stage. Christmas songs are being sung along to! Pictures

Come Christmas were all a bit tipsy! Everyone is walking round hugging at midnight and celebrating! Damn good and friendly time! However, when it comes to the 12:30 kicking out time I notice that my Jansport Backpack and the Kokanee therein had been nicked. Thats right, nicked on Christmas!

I can’t say I blame anyone but the arsehole who took it and myself for not taking it home, but I certainly wasn’t pleased. On the way home I spent my time trying to tackle the 4 guys (can’t remember who) who had taken a padding mat off a lift pole and were using it to sledge. That was fun so it cheered me up. I also pulled Janet up the hill in the spirit of Christmas.

Anyway, work was a party, but a very productive one. I spent 40 minutes on the phone to the family and had Frontline sending me a joke cashout that I never got. I only spent 30 minutes at lunch as I was supposed to and stayed until 5 as I was supposed to. Was actually quite good being in work.

When I got back I went to the big Crimbo meal the floor had all organised. Was really good to get some good home cooking, done by master chef Brian, with kitchen hands Nic and Steve! Liz is also a great organiser and the co-ordinated table covers were a good thing! A mountain of food was had by all and no one missed home (I hope).

I then slipped away to go to one last party, at Caroline’s place. Some of the work crew had ordered $90 worth of Domino’s pizzas and were all spending the evening listening to the Kaiser Chiefs and Bon Jovi. Had a good time there too, and hopefully Janet was well rested from it as she fell asleep 4 times but always woke up when we all tried to take pictures.

Merry Crimbo all!


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