Xmas Staff Party

Thursday was the WhistlerBlackcomb Christmas Staff Party at the Fairmont. This ment we got to go to one of the classiest hotels in Whistler for dinner, for free! With “2” (read: nearly infinite if you knew the right people) free drink tickets!

Nearly everyone from work turned up. We were more than ready to stuff ourselves silly on the generosity of WB. Since I’ve got here I’ve noticed that Finance and WhistlerBlackcomb are very good places to work for. Moralle is always high, at least in our department, thanks to all the very good perks we get. Anyway, back to the turkey.

Everyone had at least seconds at the meal. The turkey was fantastic and the stuffing was above and beyond. Veg was a bit lacking though, only mash, salad and vegitarian casorole. Still, we all packed it in, with a lot of red wine!

Throughout the evening we were always having a massive photoshoot! There were at least 10 cameras flaoting around and when one photo was taken, at least 5 more cameras were pointed in that direction straight away. After pud we went for a giant group photo. Firstly it was all girls, then all lads, then we got some Fairmont staff to take some of all of us. Unfortunatly they didn’t actually take one with my camera! We think there are only about 5 copies about.

After the do at the Fairmont ended, and I had had 5 glasses of Red, we headed for the jam packed Merlin’s (which was the closest bar and designated WB spillover point). We stayed about 10 seconds, long enough for a lot of us to get some drinks then decided to move. Unfortunatly this is where beer had been added to the mix and my inhibitions dropped like a Alex did today off a jump (and fractured his back, will tell you later).

We went to Maxx Fish, which is a new club that just opened near the Amsterdam Pub. I decided that pole dancing with Elaine was a great idea (photos of that are somewhere), as was slapping her bra strap when we got back to our seats. We then headed to Moe Joe’s, where I enjoyed a few Red Strip and watched Raj play with his band since it was reggae night. We then went back to Liam’s where I made a right arse out of myself. Bed at 3:30.

The next morning me, Janet and Liam went up Whistler. We determined that eating in the Roundhouse for 40 minutes while discussing the night before, then skiing for a bit is a perfect hangover cure (seriously we all felt dandy).

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One thought on “Xmas Staff Party

  1. We then went back to Liams where I made a right arse out of myself asking Caroline what colour her underwear was, and if i could look at it.

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